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In the past, many have often wondered how they can keep check on things at home while they were on a trip or vacation – hundreds or thousands of miles away. These days however, keeping tabs on your home while you’re away is quite possible. With the Internet and today’s technology – you can keep […]

HS203IP The HS203IP is a miniature wireless surveillance camera. It features next-generation circuitry that virtually eliminates cordless phone and router interference so that your color digital video and images transmit clearly to your PC. Use up to four 2.4 GHz cameras*. The receiver is compatible with up to four cameras that you can display all […]

Home Security eBook

February 27th, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Home Security PDF eBook By Daniel Berg The complete downloadable guide to locks, alarms, cameras, security systems and secret bookcase door plans designed to protect homeowners and their valuables. This 58 page 6″x9″ full color e-book is packed with information, hardware and systems designed to protect your home form a burglary. […]

Professional Quality IP Camera

February 8th, 2014

IPCameraPro The IP Cam Pro is an impressive device certain to meet your most stringent surveillance demands. IP cameras send and recieve data through a network or the Internet, much like web cams. Its perfect for locations like retail outlets, coorporations, and government buildings with several entrances and a lot of foot traffic. Monitor up […]

HS203USBx47X64: For your own safety, security and/or secrecy, you probably have wished many times to be able to see through walls. At last, the latest technology has granted your wish with this miniature color spy video camera measuring less than an inch on every side. This tiny wireless system features next-generation 2.4 GHz circuitry. That […]

HS203USB7X64: This tiny wireless system, measuring less than an inch on every side, features next-generation 2.4 GHz circuitry that virtually eliminates cordless phone interference. Next-generation digital technology. Digital circuitry ensures no lost video due to external wireless devices, such as WiFi and cellular. The transmitter uses the 2400MHz (2.4GHz) sub channels to eliminate interference from […]

Alarm Sensor Covert Camera

January 4th, 2014

CL32GBAlarm The CL-32GB-Alarm covertly houses a DVR inside what looks like a home security infrared detector unit. Expand your home security with a device that not only detects someone is there, but records them so you can see and show exactly who it was and what they were doing. Quality color video. This unit takes […]

Outdoor Floodlight With Camera

December 29th, 2013

HOMESPY2.0 Introducing the newest version of an old favorite, our best in outdoor home security, the Home-spy has been upgraded with the latest technology. This is by no means your ordinary motion sensitive flood light. When the light comes on so does the video and audio, don’t just light up the trespassers, record what they […]

Statistics reveal that in every 14 seconds, a burglar cracks inside a home, and even though a home may have occupants, there is still a 60 percent chance of burglaries happening. This statistics only show that a burglary can happen any moment, anywhere, and anyone, maybe even to you. Introducing the HS1450The Phone-lert-Wireless Motion-Activated Alarm […]

The HS203CD wireless camera features digital technology and boosted range. It’s perfect whether you need a nanny camera, home or business surveillance, or automobile security. The best performing color wireless cmos camera on the market, period. Next-generation digital technology. Digital circuitry ensures no lost video due to external wireless devices, such as WiFi and cellular. […]



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